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Seminars and private events

Are you looking for an exceptional setting to host an exceptional reception ?
Wether you're looking for a relaxing or a very chic cruise, our catamarans will satisfy your desires.

Ideally located in the old port of Marseille, our ships depart from the core of the city.

Since 2013, the year when Marseille was crowned European capital of culture, the city has been transformed, it is lively, colourful and captivating! It has a unique history, unparalleled in Europe and which starts  more than 2600 years ago. Marseille is perfectly suited to host any event, with the largest hotel investments in Europe ensuring quality accommodation for everyone. Cabotage in the Phocaean archipelagos, Frioul and its historic château d'If, Riou, the Bay of the Monkeys, and of course the Calanques National Park. On anchoring in front of the majestic cliffs, surrounded by crystal clear waters, rocks, pines and cicadas, your work meetings with your teams are a guaranteed success.

Organisation of your exceptional event